I was recently in a discussion with mother of one of the Nigerian youths breaking grounds in one of Europe’s universities. We got talking on why it seemed a lot of African bred (particularly those of Nigerian extraction) seem to do exceptionally well compared with other nationalities. She was quick to draw my attention to why. According to her, while brilliance would have been a major advantage, it was only secondary; the main reasons are a combination of strategy, commitment and discipline to whatever needed to be done. How true! In virtually every phase of human endeavor, strategies are key. Strategies convey in specific terms how to reach a goal that is set. The apostle Paul warned in Second Corinthians chapter two verse 11, “Lest Satan should take an advantage over us, we should not be ignorant of his devices (strategies).” Great battles are fought and won with strategies – Proverbs 20:18. What would have ended as great businesses have often times been cut short because of weak or poor strategies. Too many dreams and goals minus appropriate strategies have ended in the dustbin of history. Sad to say, many will end their lives in regrets on account of inadequate and inappropriate strategy. What strategies do you have, in your quest to move to the next phase of life? An angel appeared to the wife of Manoah, Samson’s mother, with great promises that he (Samson) would become great and deliver the children of Israel from the hand of the Midianites. Both Manoah and his wife understood strategy. In Judges chapter 13 verse 12, “…Manoah said, Now let thy words come to pass. How shall we order the child, and how shall we do unto him?” This is nothing but strategy! The verses that follow tell how. Beloved, there is a blue print for our lives; there are strategies to strictly engage in winning the battles of life! It is indeed our individual responsibility to discover our winning strategies and run with them. Like other years, this year has great opportunities right ahead of us. Those who took over past years didn’t joke with strategies – for their businesses, family lives and so on. Often times, they had their plans and strategies, months and sometimes years, clearly spelt out before they entered those years. It’s sad to state that many today live every day as they unfold, without any specific blueprint on how to reach their desired dream. And, for some who come up with something, their strategies could at best be described as weak, or /and grossly inadequate for any landmark achievement. I ask again, what are your strategies for the upcoming year? There is not a better time to get what is needed. Don’t let this like other years pass without obtaining winning strategies. God bless you! SUNDAY OYEYELESENIOR PASTOR The Senior Pastor Of Jesus Army Global Outreach Ministry

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