Employers of labor today are going for graduates of universities and tertiary institutions from outside, neglecting our home-grown. When you ask why, their explanation is that ours are unemployable, and a lot of times, untrainable. Imagine the investments gone into their making! Truth is that our home-bred have deep theoretical knowledge and skills; unfortunately, little or no practical exposure where their so-called skills can be utilized. In essence, many of our institutions have produced (many still producing) en-masse, a generation of graduates whose skills have little or no relevance to real life. What a tragedy! In the same vein, what kind of believers are we producing today? It’s a fact that education without the ability to translate acquired skills into real life is no learning. Are you scripturally-loaded without an experience of scripture to real life? “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life” – (1John 1:1) This was the confession of a founding father of faith. Our fathers obviously had more than words. They heard the Word, they saw the Word, they handled the Word. This is the experience! What experience have you had? I recall the encounter that brought me to salvation at about 4.00pm on Sunday, 22nd August 1982. I heard the raw, undiluted, incorruptible Word preached on television. My soul and entire being were literarily set ablaze! It was a time of deep soul-searching. The reality of a Christ-less eternity hit me hard. No physical preacher was present. Yet, my heart melt and my defense gave way. How I wept! I surrendered my heart to Jesus in that room, in response to just one encounter. This played on my mind for days, weeks, and years later. How could I forget? Unfortunately, it’s rare to hear experiences like the one above described today. Little wonder, only a few are able to stand and not deny God in the face of challenges. Whereas, I have not met those with true, personal, genuine encounter not stand for Jesus, sunshine or rain! What’s your experience? You probably read/ heard a lot on faith. Which areas of life have you exercised the same to encounter the miraculous power of God? Likewise teachings on the Holy Ghost. Have you personally experienced Him like getting baptized with the evidence of speaking in tongues and His other gifts? I ask, how well have you translated what you studied in scriptures to real life experience? Scriptural experience, beloved, is non-negotiable. You should get yours, by all means!