What compass is to the sailor on the high sea and pilot in the sky, so the Scripture (under illumination of the Holy Spirit) is to believers who safely navigate their ways to their promised inheritance. You may get anywhere despising the guidance offered by your compass, surely you won’t reach your dream or desired destination! In today’s text, the instruction from God’s Word is, “Ask of Me.” The promise that followed is, “I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” Pause and ponder for a moment. Who did you ask – God or man? If God, when? How passionate was your asking? It’s amazing how we expect the fulfillment of God’s promise without first executing our own part of the instruction. God is a God of order! In the sixteenth century, John Knox was known for one prayer: “Give me Scotland or else I die!” His ministry was so well known for this that the Queen of Scotland at the time was reputed to have said, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than 10,000 armies of Scotland.” One ordinary man, he knew something about asking that our generation needs to learn from. And, truly God granted his request! History had it that, in those days, his ministry served as a compass to numerous pastors throughout Scotland. Many churches were revived and several unsaved souls brought to the feet of Christ in the process. All because one man asked! The preceding part of our scriptural text declared, “I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance…” And, who are the heathen? In Biblical context, they are those individuals who are unsaved; not born again. Indeed, they abound in our land! Notice God’s promise to give out the heathen for an inheritance. That tells me it is in the power of His hands to give the heathen to anyone, whosoever He chooses. It is also important to note that heathens can’t give of themselves willingly. They seem to roam about like sheep without a shepherd. They yield only at the impulse of something stronger than they; a fervent, aggressive prayer of the saints! It’s a tragedy that our generation of believers no longer asks for heathen. No wonder, we have very few or no conversions. On the contrary, we’ve become experts at asking for the other side of Psalms 2 verse 8. So materialistic and worldly-minded. What a shame! Beloved, our possessions ought to include souls of men and women who came to know the Lord through our efforts. If all we have acquired are worldly and materialistic, then we’ll be most miserable when we appear before the Lord to give the account of our stewardship.

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