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Scholarship Scheme

The following are deliberate steps taken by us, beyond the pulpit, to empower members of our Ministry.

They are practical steps to demonstrate our belief in what we preach – that God can, indeed, make something out of nothing.

They are little seeds being sown today into the lives and destinies of those that God gave us; recognizing our roles as spiritual midwives, and our need to help birth greatness that is locked up in each and every one of them.

A.Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund, SETF
B.Entrepreneurship & Financial Empowerment Program, EFEP

Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund, SETF, 2017/18


– Jesus Army Global Outreach Ministry.
– Corporate Organizations.
– Individuals who desire to encourage academic excellence particularly in the lives of Jesus Army members or less privileged.


– To provide educational support to members of Jesus Army Global Outreach Ministry on the basis of academic excellence cum affordability.


  •  To provide the educational scholarship for 10 students in the 2017/18 academic year. Breakdown – Primary education (5 No at N45,000 pp/pa); Secondary education (3 No at N75,000 pp/pa) and Higher education (2 No at N100,000 pp/pa).
  • To provide a platform for a person/family/organization who desires to adopt an indigent student in the ministry for the purpose of sponsoring his/her education.


– Interested candidates should:

  • Obtain a form from any branch of Jesus Army and submit a completed application to the secretary of the Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund, SETF, latest, Friday, March 31, 2017.
  • Submit proof that they are students in a particular school/ or have a copy of admission letter to a particular institution in Nigeria.
  • Submit proof that they are members of our Ministry for a period of no less than six months prior to the administration of the test.
  • Not have obtained less than a cumulative grade point average or equivalence of 60% in their respective school’s score.
  • A committee will conduct a test in English, Mathematics and Christian affairs for all applicants on Saturday, April 8, 2017, and shortlist only the best.
  • Results will be out approximately one week after the test. Winning candidates will have a presentation of their award during the Ministry’s family get-together at Easter 2017.
Fill the Scholarship Form

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