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Heavy Ladened?


Tomi (not real name) was a pastor’s teenage son who came into my counselling room years ago. He hated his father with so much passion, and confessed his love for his mum was the only reason he wouldn’t kill his dad given the opportunity. “Why? What offence did he commit?” I queried. “Little, little things over the years that his young soul had bottled up.” Unfortunately, there was no outlet to vent his many anger and bitterness issues. But here we were, taking time to sound him out, redirected him to the Lord; and, to the glory of God, it didn’t take long before he found a place in his heart to release his dad. Tomi was emotionally bottled up!


I read the story of a young lady who got no attention from her single parent, mum. She was busy from dusk to dawn. Busy because she was always working extra hard in a bid to take care of her two kids, Busola and Elijah (not their real names) and give them the best of life. Her daughter, Busola, had at different times, wanted to share with her how she was bullied at school. Mum, unfortunately, was too busy. She didn’t have the time to sound her out, let alone address the situation. To add insult to injury, mum had a habit of comparing her with another classmate (who happened to be a neighbour’s child) who obviously performed better academically. In the suicide note she left for her mum, she wrote: “By the time you are reading this, I know you will be thoroughly disappointed at my action. I know you were working your ass out so my brother and I could get the best of life. You tried but I needed more; I was desperate for a mother’s attention and affection. Sadly, you were unavailable. I was thoroughly overwhelmed. Now that I’m gone, please, create time for my brother so he doesn’t suffer what I did.” Imagine the number of those whose lives had been cut shut because they were denied audience and attention by those that mattered!


In our day, more and more people are getting bottled up. More folks are overwhelmed by internal and external pressures. Pressure to succeed. Pressure to get a life for themselves. Pressure to be like some individuals. Pressure to be married. Pressure to have a child or produce a particular sex of a child. Pressure to please family or (and) friends. Pressure to maintain certain societal class. As the list goes, so are the points of pressure! Many are fast sliding from loneliness into depression without even realizing it. Are you pressured? Are you heavy-laden?


In Matthew chapter 11 verse 28, Jesus offered an escape, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” What a blessed invitation! Not a mere promise but one with deep assurance, “I will give you rest!” Note that this promise is for all.  ALL means everyone without an exception. It covers everyone trapped by something bigger than them: sin, some habit, or specific situation. Remember we all, at some point, will be confronted by something similar. Wits will fail. Our natural instincts, skills and abilities to resolve complex issues won’t be of any help. Then, only a higher divine personality will matter! This is why your personal response to Jesus offer to ALL is very important. “He will give you rest from all your troubles!”


I invite you to come today, right now.




I come to you today, heavenly Father, in response to your blessed invitation. I acknowledge that I am a sinner, overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs, and in need of help. I repent of every sin today and ask for your forgiveness. I invite Jesus into my heart and receive Him now as my personal Lord and Saviour. I believe you have heard me, and receive your offer of rest for my soul by faith. In Jesus’ Name!

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